Build all your projects in your virtual home

With your Kazaplan 3D plan :

  • Easily trace your walls, partitions, doors, windows...
  • Arrange and decorate to your taste with our furniture library
  • Decorate your home with our paints and textures (parquet, tile, wallpaper...)

Try it out ! Over 1,000,000 3D Kazaplan plans already created!

Plan features

Your 3D plan, a project support tool for your future home !

Construction, renovation or simple layout? Use our 3D map for your project:

  • Geolocation
  • Roofs/sloping ceilings
  • Stairs/floors
  • Products and textures library
  • Shopping List
  • Pools, outdoor

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Your plan anywhere !

Kazaplan is an open tool allowing you to use your 3D plans with all our partners (home builders, home improvement stores, distributors...).

You can create/open/edit your 3D plans on your web partner websites while enjoying the features and exclusive functionality they offer.

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Make your plans a reality with our 3D tool

  • Discover the use of the 3D plan and its features
  • Thanks to your Kazaplan account, find all your 3D plans
  • Discover all the partners whom you can use your 3D plan with

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Make a sales tool out of your 3D plan

  • Integrate our 3D plan on your site
  • Customise the 3D plan with functionality or exclusive modules under your brand
  • Offer your products to your users through the Shopping List Kazaplan

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Make your features essential to the community.

  • You have skills in Javascript, develop your own modules.
  • The 3D tool provides an API to change or add functionality
  • Offer your modules to the whole community.

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