Kazaplan assists you throughout your home project. Building your virtual home will allow you to visualise and make the best choices.

Kazaplan is a 100% online tool. Use kazaplan directly in your internet browser, without the need to download any software. Plans are stored online, you can find and edit them from any computer connected to the internet.

Kazaplan is a 100% free tool. You are not limited to a certain number of plans, enjoy the Kazaplanexperience as much as you want

Realistic and intuitive

With Kazaplan we offer you a software as realistic as possible while keeping it easy to use.

Switch from 2D to 3D in one click

In 2D, you will first draw your house plan and then add the structural elements (doors, windows, stairs, etc...). Once this is completed, check out the 3D model of your home in just one click.. Then go to furnishing and decoration and enjoy our library of products and coverings.

Full functionality whatever your project

Walls and partitions: Whether you start with a blank sheet, basic form or the picture of your blueprint, your 2D home plan will be ready within a few minutes only. Geolocation This exclusive Kazaplan feature allows you to also place your 3D plane in its real environment by importing the satellite Google Maps image of your land. For existing homes, you can even use the pictures of the exterior walls of the building to start modelling your home.

Floors: In just one click, add a floor by duplicating the walls, partitions, windows, doors if you wish.

Roofing: Pull on the slopes of your ceilings to create your roof. Flat, pent roof, L-shaped, V-shaped ...there are multiple ways to design your roof

Stairs: Draw and install your staircase and its hopper with ease. Many staircase models are available: Quarter turn, platform... pick your style!

Outdoor areas : Define the limits of your garden. Draw your terraces, your paths, your pool etc...

Furnishing : A large furniture library for every room of the house. Many customizable models (pick dimensions, the number of doors, textures and colors)

Decoration : Many decoration items and a large selection of materials and colours for your floors and walls. Paints, shingles, wood, floors, concrete, bricks, stones, tiles, carpets, fabrics, metals, plants, pavés, slabs, gravel...